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Succesful since 2013. Innocence Models focuses on creating a diverse and constantly growing environment by emphasising the individuality of our Models. We are currently representing 42 models from a myriad of different backgrounds, each with their own unique story. Innocence models can be found working on 4 different continents at any given moment. From New York to Hong Kong, Milan to Amsterdam and everything in between. Our Agency strives to embody and represent the 21st century global mentality, which serves as the cornerstone of our Agency. Through the continuation of these principles our Agency maintains a corporate culture where we precede people and sustainability.

This approach works flawlessly together with internationally oriented model agencies from Paris, Milan, London and New York. In addition, these collaborations followed bookings for Gucci, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Armani, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS, Magazines and fashionshows.

Innocence Model Agency

Innocence Model Agency has become a boutique talent management that focuses mainly on the high fashion market.

The Agency delivers fashion models nationally and internationally. This quality and performance, the required core business, that a client can expect from models and the Agency, is reflected in performance, flexibility, adapt to the local environment and culture in addition to independence.

Aspiring Models: What they need to know

We are looking for fresh and new talent to develop and prepare for both the local and international markets. We are a full service agency and management company and it does not cost a thing for us to evaluate your potential. You have come to this website either because you have already been approached by one of our scouts or you have found us online.

Modeling, like any other profession takes time and dedication to be successful. There is no such thing as an “overnight” success. No matter how beautiful you are or how many friends tell you that you should be a model this business involves a lot more than just looks. That being said, when it happens it can happen fast. If we accept to represent you we will help develop you with proper direction and management.

Everyone is unique and this is true for every model. From years of experience managing many succesfull models internationally our team of agents will guide you to make sure you are emotionally, physically and mentality ready for each step in your career. Local markets and international markets are very different. Local markets are great for starting and learning the basics and a great part time job while you are in school. International markets are much more demanding and best left for when you can work full time after you graduate. There are certain exceptions but these are made on an individual basis. By no means do we encourage quitting school. You are about to enter into a very real business and your education is extremely important period.

There are certain physical criteria that we look for in an aspiring model. 16 years old is an ideal age to begin modelling but we are definitely interested to see girls from 15 years old. Boys from 18 years old. By emailing your pictures we can assess your potential and if we decide to work together we can begin to develop you for the future.

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